CLash Royale Hacks With Chests cant opened and not working still, they say an update gonne release for free gems generator

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Clash Royale Hacks With Chests cant opened and not working still, they say an update gonna release for free gems generator

Clash Royale Hacks

what is up . this is von man x here . today . i’m  talking about chests not those chests you sick perv . i’m  talking about treasure chests in clash royale let’s go alright .  I’ve seen. a lot of people talk about chests . I wanted to I guess give you . . me insight into all the important things that you need to know about chests you won the best theory right now out in terms of how often let’s say. a magical chest shows up or. a super magical chest shows up or. a giant chest shows up after you win.

a battle is the best theory right now is that it’s based on. a predictable schedule now what I mean by that. a stamp which is one of the redditors posted this chest order list I assume he did . me scraping of the game’s code . found that there is this main cycle in terms of how chests are determined from victories in clash royale . if you look at this list basically you start the current theory is that you start .  on the list after your first win after you’ve beaten the tutorial stages . then it the chest you get is predictable .  let’s say if I started at 15 on this cycle then i would get three silver chests followed by. a gold chest . then four more silver chest . .  on . .  forth .  basically the idea is that the chest again is predictable . it’s based on this schedule . you start .  r. on this list . once this list hits the bottom it goes back again up to the top . cycles again now on this list which I’ll link in the description below you’ll notice that there is no mention of. a super magical chest which is one of the chest that has that well the chest with the highest value here in the store it costs 3100 crystals for me right now now users have found that super magical chests are indeed obtainable from victories .  that leads us to believe that they’re either inserted into the chest cycle or depending on . me of that user dependent actions they impact this predictability list in the sense that super magical chests just kind of show up based on . me algorithm that we are not aware of there are many users who have proved that pclash royle hack generator no survey android ios  this   h clash royale hack ttps:// and https:// clash royale hack –  and https:// clash royale hack     and the  magical chest do indeed show up from victories in battle number two the other thing is that once you have full chest lots people think that you know you’re going to miss out on maybe your next magical chest if you don’t have the chest lot based on the community findings you do not miss. a chest .  if your chest lots are full you simply don’t move on this psycho .  if i was at 31 on this list . . i’m  all my chest lots were full . i win another battle I don’t skip 32 . then move on to 33 next the game waits until you have. a free chest lot . then proceeds to give you 32 then 33 . 34 .  in this case I would still get my three silvers before my next gold number three another thing to note about chests is the fact that the higher the arena you go the better the rewards of the chest as in terms of just they’re just more cards in them .  there is an incentive for you to try to achieve. a higher arena number compared to staying in the lower arenas because you get better rewards . more rewards from your chest regardless of what rarity that chest is now the flip side of that argument is that as you get into. a higher arena the pool of epics . rares increase as you can tell here you know from arena one you get all the cards that are from training camp . arena one right once again into arena 26 more cards go into that pool . therefore if you’re trying to get. a particular epic you’ll notice that you might skip out because there’s. a lower chance you’ll get the epic that you want especially if it belongs to. a lower arena as an example on my main account this is my sub account but on my main account I didn’t get prints until I don’t know 60 days of playing the game . .  if I had stayed in training camp .

goblin stadium then I would have had. a much higher chance of getting prints both from the chests but al.  from the shop . this is the other thing I want to get into which ties into cards from chests number 4 cards will race hate into the shop every day there will be. a common. a rare . an epic . on Sundays there’s two of each that show up in the shop . the cards that show up in the shop are dependent upon what arena you’re in .  the higher the arena that you’re in the more variety . the you know the more swing there is in terms of what cards show up in the shop .  if I haven’t arena 5 as I am right now ah there is like one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen potential epics that I could have that show up in the shop as well as in any of my arena five chests of which this is one right here .  if you’re gunning for. a particular epic especially for an epic . you haven’t gotten it there is . me incentive to stay in the lower arenas before you’re able to get that epic . then moving up however again your opportunity cost is that if you stay in. a lower arena then you get less cards from your chests in aggregate . as. a result you will progress in terms of leveling your cards slower compared to the next guy who may be overextended in order to get into later arenas .  as you can tell on my side down here I am I have 89 wins . . i’m  in arena 5 on average is considered higher than average but again I don’t get all the epics that I want if you look . i’m  missing. a ton of that picks right if you look all these not found our epics . i’m  missing . .  you know if . i’m  looking for. a particular epic let’s say there’s. a certain type of deck I really want to play I actually have. a much lower chance of getting the cards i want unless i spend money . just keep opening up chests you know if you’re. a wallet warrior then i guess it doesn’t matter but even if you are. a wallet earlier i feel that you should stay in the lower arenas at least . at least. a few days to see where you get in terms of epics before moving up .  in summary if you grind to get into the high arenas overextending basically trying to get there in as few wins as possible then you’re going to miss out on maybe getting the epic that you want but . if you stay in the lower arenas then there’s. a higher chance you get the epic that you want but the rewards you get from the chests are dramatically less compared to the higher arena chests . number two is that chests again based on the most proven theory we have .  far follow. a particular cycle . the cycle is that you start . mewhere on this psycho list again link in the description below . you get chest at. a predictable rate based on where you are in the cycle .

based on this cycle for every 240 wins you’re guaranteed to get 1 2 3 magic chests however super magical chest have known to show up in the victories that you have . .  the theory is that they’re r.omly inserted there based on Selma algorithm that only supercell knows about that we don’t per.  see this page clash royale hacks – my favorite epics that I think are worth getting if you can see them in the store or you know if you decide to stay in the earlier stages . then moving I I really like the prince he is really good he charges you can do. a tremendous amount of damage if played right the dragon it has been. a staple in my deck in getting to eighteen hundred plus trophies it just it it it’s one of those things that can’t be hard countered by anything . it does Splash Damage love the baby dragon I’ve had it since I’ve gotten him in the early parts of the game the which I’ve actually used to get into sixteen hundred trophies in that particular deck .  I guess out of the training camp the Prince the Dragon . the which are pretty decent with dragon Prince . which in that priority order my question day for you . is do you . who follow the chest cycle see that it’s accurate or do you see differences between what’s reported link in the description below to all my other class rial guides . tip articles . al.  remember to subscribe for more clash royale articles this is von man x . we will see you . next time

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