How to hack pokemon go cheats pokeballs in a new way

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How to hack pokemon go cheats pokeballs in a new way


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hey guys this is Jackie or nerdy crafter  . If you haven’t heard of the new Pokemon Go game you have been living under a rock  .  since we Canadians haven’t officially received it yet it hasn’t stopped many from playing it  .  so for this week’s tutorial you guys learn how to make your very own Pokemon environment in a bowl of course the Pokemon in there are not to scale  .  they have been slightly chib .  . I fide make sure you customize it to your favorite Pokemon go ahead  .  add your favourite water type in the resin or any of your other favorites anywhere you want  .  . I have a preference for some odd Pokemon so my favorites are Magikarp  .  psychic this week is a collaboration with my really good friend Mim .  . I from geek lightful  .  she made an adorable Pikachu tea bag holder so  . If you don’t want to necessarily go up to capture Pokemon you have one right on your cup make sure you check out her channel  .  your video  .


subscribe while you’re there give her much much love for those of you new to my channel don’t forget subscribe to our plenty of geeky tutorials to keep you entertained equally  . If you like this project don’t forget to pokemon go hack generator  this –   –   pokemon go hack generator no survey android ios  this  h pokemon go hack –    pokemon go hack f and https:// pokemon go hack       leave a like  .  share all the dweebs are doing it here’s what you’ll need for this project Green’s white translucent blue orange  .  black polymer clay all these are from sculpey rounded pointy tool  .  a cutter a moss mat  .  . I found this at a craft store fake moss  .  . I found this at the dollar store some rocks all-purpose glue s .  a glue gun your resin kit  .  . I found this at a craft store  .  you can also find it at a home hardware store under the name epoxy resin liquid sculpey a small bowl  .  .


I got this also at a craft store optionally some food coloring first thing we’re going to do is start the base for our bowls angle the more angled it is the more space you have for the water area put some liquid sculpey on any color base you want  .  then push it down to create a suction now roll your green clay to make long pointy snakes to look like vines use liquid sculpey to make the clay sticky so that it stays on the glass now add some leaves by flattening your green  .  teardrop shapes put as many leaves  .  vines as you want be sure to not go all the way down because we need space for the fake grass  .  resin  . If you want to make different shaped plants go ahead  .  do so add them in whatever way you want  . If you want the plant to seem further go ahead  .  put some foil paper underneath the leaf during baking time now bake your bowl for 30 minutes at 275 degrees Fahrenheit make sure that your oven was not preheated since we don’t want the glass to get a quick shift in temperatures this will help us avoid any cracking once the bowl is cooled down mix s .   .  glue until you get a mushy consistency spread it at the bottom  .  let it fully Harden make sure your glue dries clear use your glue gun to stick two rocks in the back to make the bowl stable now mix your resin according to package instructions then add two to three drops of blue food coloring mix well  .  then pour it remove bubbles by using a heat source like a lighter  . If you’re new to resin watch my resin crafting tips video add rocks  .  moss to make it more interesting make sure you let it cure for at least a full six hours now let’s make Goldeen use your translucent clay to make a round ball flatten another piece between your fingers for the tail fin put it aside  .  now you’re going to shape two teardrops flatten them  .  now paint on the details or use orange clay the choice is entirely up to you let the paint dry  .  then put all the pieces together with the help of your liquid sculpey once the pieces are together add a dorsal fin use some yellow  .  translucent to make the horn  .  place it on the head so far so good make as many as you want  .  then you’re going to bake them at 275 degrees Fahrenheit for 25 minutes make sure that your oven was preheated then paint on the eyes with acrylic paint  .  a dotting tool makes a new batch of resin without blue colorant pour a little bit  .  then place your gold Dean’s  .  now poor enough resin to go all the way to the top of the horns let it harden overnight for our cute Snorlax make a ball  .  lightly flatten it so that the bottom is straight for the head make a smaller ball  .  hold it gently between your fingers while pinching two ears so you have something that looks like this cut the bottom of the head  .  flatten some yellow to place it for the face smooth the body  .  head together place – chubby snakes for the arms  .  smooth them on place a thin piece of your loop on the belly  .  two ovals for the feet bake it for the same time  .  temperature as the goal Dean’s of course  . If you want to make your favorite pokemon now is the time to do it as well  .  . I use reference pictures for the ones  .  . I included in my environment polymer clay is a great medium because you can always change something until you’re happy with it these other ones are not detailed tutorials since they are extras that can be changed to make your environment unique to you so experiment  .  have fun that is the most important thing when crafting once all of your Pokemon are baked  .  that the details are painted on take your glue gun  .  glue some moss behind the piece of fake grass that we cut out to fit the inside of the bowl place your Pokemon how you want on the grass  .  add rocks  .  . I experimented until  .


I found the layout that  .  . I liked once you’re happy go ahead  .  glue it on top of the resin part  .  here it is your own collection of Pokemon in a bowl instead of just on your phone oh then what is your favorite Pokemon let me know in the comment section below don’t forget to check out Mimi’s video  .  her channel  .  subscribe while you’re there this video is not sponsored in any way whatsoever by Nintendo don’t forget to add me on Facebook Twitter Tumblr  .  Instagram especially Instagram  .   . If you have suggestions for future geeky tutorials leave them in the comment section below next week’s video is also something video game themed so keep an eye out for that until then  .  . I will see you guys next week

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