Speaking With Your Doctor Before You Use Levitra

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Speaking With Your Doctor Before You Use Levitra

When I started to suffer from erectile dysfunction problems the first drug I considered turning to was Viagra. It was the drug I had heard so much about and I thought there were few other drugs that would help me as much as Viagra would. However, when I went to go visit my doctor he told me about Levitra. Levitra is similar to Viagra and Cialis, but the core ingredient in it is different. The core ingredient is Vardanafil. In any case I had some concerns, because the drug seemed so foreign to me.

The questions I had I felt I could only get answered by my doctor. If I were to rely on someone else I would not know if their experience was going to be telling of what I could expect. I also had other issues such as follows:

1. Other men had erectile dysfunction problems because of health issues they could resolve, such as being overweight.

2. Other men might have underlying health problems that I do not have. So for them using Levitra might not be a temporary thing but something more long term.

3. Other men might have already tried using Viagra and Cialis and had side effects with them. And Levitra might be their last resort choice to see if they can avoid such problems.

I certainly wanted to make sure that I was going to be okay when it came to any issues that might make using Levitra extra risky for me. So what I did was ask my doctor some questions. Most of them are in relation to what is mentioned above.

Will losing weight help me break dependence on Levitra or will it not help much at all?

My doctor told me that men who are overweight do not necessarily suffer from erectile dysfunction problems. In fact some of them are able to get it up better than healthier men. What he told me was that being overweight usually caused other problems that led to sexual dysfunction. Overweight men usually have unhealthy diets that do not include the nutrients they need to have healthy blood circulation. Plus overweight men tend to be at higher risk for diabetes.

My doctor also told me about heart conditions overweight men face and the medications they might have to take that can cause ED problems. He assured me that my weight was fine, but getting into better shape definitely would not hurt how effective Levitra was for me.

Will underlying health problems I already have make me more dependent on Levitra?

I am a healthy guy, but before my doctor would give me this drug he wanted to make sure I was healthy enough to take it. This meant having to perform several tests on me. He said if he found something serious then this might be the cause of my ED problems. The issue would have to be treated separately and the medications I might take would lead to negative interactions with Levitra.

I mention this because men who somehow get a hold of Levitra without first making sure they are healthy to take it are putting themselves at serious risk. A doctor must check you to make sure you do not have any underlying health problems.

Should I try one of the other popular erectile dysfunction drugs first?

My doctor told me that the top three erectile dysfunction medications were all pretty effective. Some were supposed to be safer to take then others. However, he told me that trying different ones would be something I should do only if one of them did not work. He also said that changes were made when a patient reacted to one really badly. The doctor said that trying out all three erectile dysfunction medications(Levitra, Viagra, Cialis) is not needed.

Any fears I had about using Levitra were eased by me being able to ask whatever questions I had to a healthcare professional. They were eased by me being able to speak with someone who knew what my problems were and who had information on me. In this way I felt much safer about using Levitra. If you are a guy who is on the fence about using this drug, then a talk with your doctor will help you get past this.

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